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Love Silently Roars #2 WIL Series

Woman In Love Series #2

Whoever said love is discreet, knows not of our love,

For ours is the loudest affair I know in this rondure,

Yet we stay enchanted in silence, in its awe.

It beats like thunder, like heavy blows of waters against a dhow,

It erupts like fiery volcanic splashes, ignorant of a tamed nature,

It thumps and trumps like a wild waterfall, so alive and free.

Like the African lion at dawn, it awakens all life in the plains,

It rushes like blustery weather delivering beautiful scent,

Yet we remain silenced as these sweet upsurges brew within us.

So I sit hushed in front of you, close enough to feel your warmth,

Close enough to marvel at the shine in your eyes.

And your silent romance rushes from your handsome beam to mine,

With blissful bursts multiplying as they search for playing ground.

Resting upon my chocolate cheeks, flares melt into soft hue of rouge,

Then I find myself surrendering my emotion with a gentle crack of smile.  

We are naïvely enchanted by our loud wild love,

Restless, as it dances in our souls, silent to the auricles,

We are one hot, wild mess of untamed emotion,

You and I, à la mode, locked in Love!


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