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During my freshman year at Daystar University, I thought that it was one big community of people whose friendships lasted only as long as your quest for a degree. But my thoughts slowly changed once I met Tim*, a fourth year student who was an active member of the university’s rugby team.

I had always feared him since his team members were so huge, loud, and all over the place. He was the last person I expected to befriend as a freshman. One day, I asked Tim why he and his team mates eat too much; their plates were always full, at times, too full. The answer he gave me was not what I had expected.

Tim told me that his rugby team mates are like his family and they all go through so much. Since the Post-Election Violence (PEV) in 2007 to 2008 there were some student’s whose lives totally flipped over. There were students living in school and no one really knew. Some went without food and could not even afford a basic meal; this included some of his comrades. This is why some filled their plates with excess food so that they could share it all.

This, to me, was a selfless act of courage. Tim and his friends chose to share in the embarrassment of looking gluttonous to protect and help feed their team members.

From that day, Tim continued being like the village idiot to other students who knew not his intentions. To me, he remains my hero. I still remember to stuff my bag with snacks every now and then so that when I walk in the streets of Nairobi and meet with a hungry person, I reach into my bag and offer them my little gift of food.

I cannot save the world, but I sure can leave a mark in someone’s life even if it’s with the blessed taste of food. With what you’ve got, please reach out and be a blessing to someone.

Love and Sunshine,


Rugby Meets Fashion & Luxury

Yesterday was a fun day!

I coordinated a photo shoot with my good friend, Esther Neema, who’s been polishing her photography skills at the RFUEA Grounds which is a rugby union stadium off Ngong Road.
Fashion and RUGBY??? (I thought)

But Neema sure has an interesting artistic sense so I trusted her with this shoot once more.

We reached the red gate of the venue but I was so afraid of a random rugby ball hitting my little head atop my skinny neck…Haha!

But as soon as I saw the lovely green expanse of the field, it was confirmed that Neema knew what she was doing. It’s beautiful! Perhaps the reason why Peter Abuoga, the Harlequins Club Manager, seemed a bit sentimental about it. He informed us that it’s a rare standard-sized rugby ground in the region.

As soon as our models arrived, the photo and fashion magic began. These are some teaser shots of the fashion shoot!

(For final photos, check “Belle Photography” Facebook Page)

Belle Photography at RFUEA Grounds

Esther Neema of Belle Photography at RFUEA Grounds

Belle Photography at RFUEA Grounds

After the photo shoot I asked Abuoga where the Harlequins fans can hang out as they watch their favourite players in action. He then led us to the Quins Bar & Lounge next to the private Quins Club.

The venue is simply dazzling! It was an initiative of the rugby club to keep their fans at home with the stars. Some of the features include a fully stocked bar with quality brands, a variety of sitting arrangements, a lovely ambiance and decor, a classical-themed lounge with a private smokers area and whats-more a great serving of music entertainment.

So all Harlequins Rugby Club fans have a place to hang-out as they cheer on their favourite team close by!

Take a look…

Quins Bar & Lounge
By Michelle Ayuma

Entrance to the Quins Bar & Lounge
By Michelle Ayuma

Classic themed Lounge area
By Michelle Ayuma

Music Entertainment at Quins Bar & Lounge
By Michelle Ayuma

Bar Area at Quins Bar & Lounge
By Michelle Ayuma

Great use of space and colour at Quins Bar & Lounge
By Michelle Ayuma

This venue can be a perfect place for a private party and is available for booking. For more information, contact:

Peter Abuoga

Harlequins Club Manager,

Tel: +254 737 242 168


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