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Flag of All Flags!

Flag of all flags is love.

Flag of all flags is love.

FLAG OF ALL FLAGS: It’s heartbreaking to watch people fight on social media about something that should actually bring us together as humankind.
“Why haven’t you changed your profile picture to support France?” “Why haven’t you changed your profile picture to support Lebanon?” “Why haven’t you changed your profile picture to support Syrian refugees?” “Why haven’t you changed your profile picture to support…?”

If you’re like me, you might have already picked up on the real purpose of the virtual flags: Love for humanity.
But by choosing to isolate and attack each other because of Facebook flags, we’re choosing that which the terrorists are promoting? Fear, the mother of terrorism.

Fear makes us believe that we are more different than we are similar.
Fear makes us violent with our words, thoughts, intentions, and actions.
Fear makes us strip people of their power of choice.
Fear makes us foolish enough to be inhuman.

So whether or not you choose to use a Facebook flag, the biggest question we have to ask ourselves is, “So what next?”
So what next, after the terrorist attacks?
So what next, after we change our profile pictures?
So what next, after fear knocks at our doors?

Instead of fighting over Facebook flags, why not focus on what really matters? Sharing love with humanity.
How do we do this? It’s in the everyday simple things like smiling with a stranger. Sharing your meal with a homeless child. Offering a friend your shoulder to cry on. Affirming what’s good in someone instead of magnifying the faults.

As we start the new week, I encourage you to observe the world around you and spot opportunities in which you could directly respond to fear with love.
We are all superheroes if you think about it. We fight in the background with acts of courage that save the world from further decay.
This is how slowly, we get to change the world one act of love at a time.

Love & Sunshine


Comments on: "Flag of All Flags!" (2)

  1. I only have a question about the flag in the picture you posted. Do you know if the flag has an official name? I’ve seen a few in store windows around town and wanted to purchase one online, but haven’t been able to find one. This blog post is the ONLY photo I found when searching for a “love flag” or “white love flag with red letters and blue dots.” Nothing seems to give me the results I’m searching for. Thanks!! And no worries if you don’t know the official name…I’ll stop in one of the local stores eventually and ask.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amy!
      I’d taken a break to focus on a bit of inner healing after a few tough life events.
      And I love your feedback, thanks for sharing that somehow my post helped you find the “love flag.”
      Did you manage to find out the name of the flag?
      We could however just name it as the hearts leads 🙂


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