The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life


Children have got the unique ability to boldly ask questions before taking anything as truth.

So what happens to us as we grow older?
Do we lose the excitement and confidence that comes with asking, “Why?”

Studies have shown that the most revolutionary thinkers and successful people on earth had at a young age been exposed to environments they often wanted to be different – for the better. It should then not be a surprise as to why they ended up being successful. When their questions  where not answered, they took action, sought after the answers and they found them.

Having reflected upon this matter recently, I chose to challenge myself and dared to rekindle the passion I used to have as a child who asked questions a little more – to challenge my understanding of what has been defined as ‘truth’ or ‘limit’ to human understanding.

Don’t hold yourself back. I dare you to do the same and deliberately ask questions a little more. Challenge what seems rational with your imagination. Go the extra mile to understand something often affiliated with stereotype. And if your questions are not answered… go out there and find them!

The beauty of success is not found within confinement but in experiences that go beyond normality.


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  1. Motivating article


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