The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life


For some reason, I cannot stand people complaining anymore. Yes, the world around us is not perfect, but if we truly want to see any change then we must be the change by leading the change.

Kenya is no longer a country of black citizens only! We have evolved and there are all colours represented in our nation. There are Asians, Europeans, and Americans who after years of living in Kenya or marrying a Kenyan, they are now Kenyans too.

So why is it that the Kenyan middle-class (a mix of all these people) are always the first to complain about how our country is pathetic? How it seems like a punishment to be Kenyan? How Kenyans are just a bunch of idiots? Traffic, bad roads, poaching, corrupt leaders, unemployment, crime, low moral values, bad schools, pathetic economy, high taxation… Complain! Complain! Complain!

But wait a minute, aren’t the same people who keep complaining Kenyan citizens?

Who voted for the “pathetic leaders”?
Who keeps quiet when taxation hikes?
Who only sigh when they read about corruption in the morning paper?
Who make jokes about our legislators eating public money?
Who only ‘Like’ ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ citizen protests on social media but never show up in the streets?
Who have got the connections, resources and basically the voice it takes to change Kenya?

Answer: The same people who are complaining!

Kenya cannot change only amongst the black natives.
Kenya cannot change only amongst the Asian community.
Kenya cannot change only amongst the expatriates.

Kenya can only change when all citizens stop looking at themselves as victims, and instead start looking at themselves as the solution.

We need to stop hiding behind newspapers and social media in the name of “changing our nation” through spreading awareness. That is a cowardly act!
We need to get off our desks, stop looking at WiFi as our saviour and get our hands dirty in the business of reconstructing our nation.

Kenya and the world does not owe us any apology. We are Kenyans not so that everyone else gets to serve us and treat us like royals.
Reality check: If you really want something to change, you’ve got to be in the race. Better yet, lead it!
Silence is not neutral, it is a choice not to care or get involved.

Dump the victim card, we are all part of the problem and the solution.
Every one of us can use what we’ve got to join the efforts to make Kenya a better country.

Peace. Love. Unity.


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