The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

Little People

When you are a little person, they call you ordinary. To the world around you, you are like a grain of sand.

Not many know or want to know your name.
Not many think you can be great.
Not many want to be associated with you.
Not many trust your judgement or advice.
Not many think what you say is of value.
Not many think your time is of essence.
Not so many think you could outgrow your current situation.

Not many don’t. Not many have to. But keep on keeping on!

Hold on to those who believe in you.
Avoid negative people.
Work on your weaknesses and challenge them with your strengths.
Don’t settle for normal standards.
Stop giving yourself excuses.
Learn from those who have gone before you.
Don’t underestimate people and opportunities.
Pray and don’t stop even when you get there.
Live to inspire others. Let them know that they too can make it.

“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” ~Lupita Nyong’o, Best Supporting Actress OSCARS 2014.

I am a little person, but that is not all of me. I am on my way up. Just give me time, even a beautiful flower has its season to bloom 🙂

Love and Sunshine,


Comments on: "Little People" (2)

  1. So true and yet beautifully inspiring


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