The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

WIL Series #3 Fool’s Gold

Ladies may long for your money, cars and expensive shiny things- but not you,

They may long to have your name and all that comes with it- just not you,

They can spend the rest of their lives happy in your house- not with you,

They may have pleasure with your shallow body but never taste your honeyed heart.

Their affection lasts as long as your plastic hosts a family of zeros,

Their clothes drop at every cling and clang, clink and clank,

They know neither of a woman’s heart nor verbs,

Just the twisted tongue of plastic queens.

They bear hearts of gold all covered in mould,

To them, love is a putrid mess they tolerate,

But I holler through the lonesome halls of your heart,

“Not I!!! Not I!!! ”

For I live and breathe, set to conquer your doubts,

To surrender all the expensive nothings you hold,

For with your sturdy arms wrapped around me,

I am home.

Next to you I rest exultantly on my treasure…chest,

Your heart, my treasure I find.



*This poem does not attack ladies as a whole but seeks to unveil the traps of plastic queens.


Comments on: "Fool’s Gold #3 WIL Series" (4)

  1. moviejabber said:

    This is great! It captures the painful harsh truth of deception and superficiality, held up stark naked against the warmth and comfort of true intimacy. Lovely.


    • Thanks so much for your response! I hope to bring out more angles of the love phenomenon. I just hope that people do take in the importance of such reflections. Then we would be able to clean out some of the rubbish that most people bring into relationships nowadays. More coming your way form the WIL Series 🙂


  2. compasionatecreation said:

    Reblogged this on Fetishlives.


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