The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

Woman in Love Series (Poetic Reflections)

Lately I have been going through changes, a series of changes from the inside. As I grow from a lady to a woman with each day, I just hope that whatever I will find on my journey will most certainly be full of love, adventure and success.

We live in a world where LOVE has been stained by false ideologies and even to just the act of Sex which is just a casual happening instead of the beautiful gift that it is supposed to be between two people who truly love one another and have protected their love in a sacred unit called marriage. Yes, I still believe in the classics of marriage!

I believe that there is more to Love than just sex, empty words, expensive wines and chocolates and modern myths we see in the movies.

Love is a pure expression to the one you love with all that is in you, with all that you know, with all that you have got and with all that you believe in.

So I borrowed a leaf from the Bibilical Song of Songs to bring out the true essence of love. If you know what they are all about then you understand why at times I will be using “He” instead of “he” in these poetic reflections…These words are from my heart to yours… For anytime, anywhere, with the one you love.

My first entry is “Safe”.


Resting in the arms of He who loves me,

Here, I am safe and warm even when the world outside is at war.

His heartbeat overpowers the shots and deafening demolitions,

His warm embrace breaks the skinny claws of creeping cold.

The stare of His eyes lures me into a glorious future,

His breath breathes hope right into me,

And oh His smile…His smile is all the word ‘Sunshine’ means to me.

He is my love, my knight, my safe haven.

He is my Song of Songs!

Yours Truly,

A Woman in Love.


Comments on: "Woman in Love Series #1 SAFE" (4)

  1. beautiful piece!!


  2. Wow! Can you imagine we can get such lovely, peaceful words with an embrace from the Lord…Lovely what you can get in the Bible..keep on keepin on gal! You will make it thro!


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