The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life


Ayuma shows her stuff as Shoot director Hiuhu Murimi takes photo

So very sorry for not posting anything last week. It has been a race after job interviews, marketing initiatives, hunger advocacy through music and photo-shoots. Welcome to my CRAZY life!

So I shall not mumble a lot this time round. I shall post you a link that you can look at, get inspired and get marveled.

Beat Hunger With Beats Logo

This week, the New Single, “My Kenyan Friend” was released on Monday 15th August 2011 on soundcloud as an audio piece.

To listen to it, go to:

Later in the day, the first video version of the song with the lyrics was released on the blog:

To watch it, go to:

Later on in the week I happened to get a wonderful job interview and even got the job in the same week. Awesome stuff!!! But I have no links or photos to display. But I shall just put this to let you know how I felt…Awesome!!

Happy Ayuma

Then came the weekend and all its randomness. But not as random as I thought because I had planned for this weekend for the last two months.

A photo-shoot that went as smooth as possible.

Just have a little sneak-peak of what went down Yesterday at the photo-shoot. As soon as the final photos are out I shall post them just for you dear reader.

Photoshoot at Kuona Trust Art Center

DESIGNER: Red Gecko, Located at Adams Arcade next to Java.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Hiuhu Murimi and Paras Gudka (Took photo displayed).

LOCATION: Kuona Trust Art Centre

MODELS: Ayuma Michelle (on photo), Susan Senda, Kevin Michuki, Susan Saina, Esther Neema and Brian Michuki.

To see the sneak-peak, go to :

I hope that this week will be as adventurous as ever. Let us see how that goes. I will be sure to let you know.

Yours Truly,



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