The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

Rejection is worth every tear



There is beauty in rejection. This is not an easy matter to testify, but with time, experience, and a boost in self-esteem, one can be able to confidently bear witness.


Well, what is rejection?

Let us take a trip down memory lane.




Rejection was when the others never picked you to be part of their team just because they thought you were not good enough.


It was when the friends you thought you had disappeared when trouble hit, just because they do not fancy a little distress.


It was when the job was not given to you, just because you were not from a “prominent background” or that you did not “look as dashing” as they expected.


It was when you were not given the chance to love, just because they felt you were not worth the dare.


Rejection. Rejection. And more REJECTION!

Oh, the horror!


Surely, what good can come out of all these dreadful experiences?

The answer:: “It is what you make of them.”


I kidd you not!


Nobody else will care to know how much they hurt you, how hard it was for you to fit in, how hard you fought to get that job, how much you wanted to feel appreciated.

But all that matters is what lessons you learn from the agonizing incidents.


Let us dive into the colourful side of rejection.


Rejection brings forth so many opportunities for self-improvement.


When one is faced with tribulation and made to feel “not good enough” it is natural to feel stumpy. One is challenged to find some good, no matter how little, just to make-up for all the negativity plunged into their hub of self-confidence.


This may seem so sad, but guess what? It is worth every tear!


If one is made to feel unworthy, this makes one concentrate on making themselves better. One can find themselves paying attention to things that they often took for granted. This may include personal appearance, emotional control, healthy assertiveness in career, and the best is learning to be your best asset and friend.


If you learn to be so comfortable with yourself, you will not feel the need to always have people around you.


If you learn to be your best business asset you will no longer look for employment, but you will learn to be your own boss.


If you learn that what matters is the beauty inside, you will learn how to reflect that externally on your personal presentation. You will not need to have people pick you; instead your confidence will make people want to always be around you.


If you learn that you do not have to make-do with someone’s leftovers of what they call love, you will stop chasing after them and settle for what you really deserve. If they cheat on you, be confident to leave them. If they make you feel less valuable, show them your value by finding someone who understands what your value really is.


Your heart is too wealthy to settle for leftovers.

Don't worry, be happy!


I can confidently tell you that I am a proud and positive product of rejection.


If I had not been rejected, I would not have learned how valuable I am. I would have not gotten the career opportunities that I ended up getting. I would have not learned how to be independent and actually feel comfortable with myself.

I would have not gotten the chance to be friends and actually date some extraordinary gentlemen; including royalty.


Life is really what you make it!


Go ahead and take-on all the rejection and build a positive reaction, a better fate in your life just by believing in yourself.


I believe in you!

You are special, no matter what the negative potatoes out there tell you.


PS: Do follow the links on the photos for more lessons on rejection. I really like the work of the writers.


Yours Truly,







Comments on: "Best thing they NEVER had; You!" (2)

  1. ndwigahb said:

    nyc article Ayuma,rejection can cause sm1 to go to great lengths to prove athawys; n smtymz pple reject athas 4 no solid reason e.g race,tribe e.t.c bt we should not fear rejection,desperately trying top avoid rejection is a sure way of also being rejected since it makes 1 appear needy.we should be ourselves n love ourselves as we are and athas as they are!


  2. Brilliant! 🙂


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