The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

Better late than dead on time


I always express my deep interest in the dynamics of humanity. The fact that humans are so different yet so similar, so weak yet so strong is just amazing. There are buckets full of ironies that define the mystery of humanity.


However, today I shall introduce you to a very good friend of mine. She is weighty with opportunities that only come with risk. She only gives attention to those who dare to flirt with her. With her, comes a tear but also many precious times of laugh.


My friend is called TIME.


Life is full of so many surprises; some good and obviously some bad. But unfortunately, so many of us give up too soon just when the bad hits bay. It is not fair to give up on yourself just because the pattern of life seems not to be in your favour. Even worse is comparing yourself to others’ fate.


Fine! Others may seem happy, successful or even stumbling upon grand opportunities. But this does not mean that it will never happen to you. Maybe these people just recovered from a bad phase that no one really noticed. Many-a-fellow go silent on their bad days.


Do not compare yourself with others

This essentially means that just like them, your happy days are coming your way and your victory over the bad days will be so evident just by the beam on your face.


Everything in your life cannot follow a script. This will never work! At times, to have a better picture, room for creativity and new ideas is necessary. Do not limit the beautiful surprises in your life to a script.


I have a not-so-surprising piece of news to tell you. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!


But you know what? This is not the end. With all the viciousness it brings, you still have the choice to make it worthwhile with the choices you make. Do you give up? Or do you push on with positivism?


There is so much time in your hands for your choices to lead you to your happy moments in life. They sure won’t come all at once, but with each phase that motivates you to anticipate for the next one, you will get to enjoy life despite the ugly face it bears at times.


So no matter how long it may take to reach your next happy moment, NEVER GIVE UP! For you would rather be late for your happy moment in life than dead on time.


Live each moment as it comes, do not rush to have it so desperately. Take your time; your happy moments are coming your way.



Optimism is the way to go







Yours Truly,







Comments on: "Better Late than Dead on Time!" (2)

  1. Reading this came at the perfect time in my day so thank you!


    • You are very much welcome!
      It warms my heart just to know that someone read, understood and personally related with the story.
      I am glad I somehow helped.
      Have yourself a good one 🙂


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