The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

R.I.P Amy Winehouse!

There is beauty in humanity. The fact that a human being is a physical, spiritual and emotional being all at once is quite intriguing. However, the worst enemy that attacks these unique beings is none other but themselves. Humans have the freedom of choice. This means that no matter how good or bad a situation may be, man’s fate will still be determined by the choices he/she makes.


According to Robert H. Shuller’s words, “If you could develop an X-ray that could scan hearts and pinpoint emotional cancers, you would be amazed to see the epidemic that is spreading rampant through the world.”


These words are very similar to what swarmed my mind as soon as I got wind of news about 27-year-old Jazz singer’s death. Amy Winehouse was found lifeless in her flat in North London. According to sources, her father had availed that she had been going through rehab and that she had just checked-out. The cause of death was alleged to be long-term effects of drug abuse.


Amy on Stage


This songstress is well-known for her unique voice in the Jazz music genre which is quite popular in her family. But, it is unfortunate that what people choose to remember her for is her dramatic weight-loss, her crazy make-up and hair-do, her failed marriage her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Even during her concerts, it was quite evident that she was under substance abuse due to her wallowing on stage, quivering of her body and shifty attention; her mind seemed to click on and off.


This created a buzz all over the UK and eventually all of Hollywood about the celebrity’s dangerous lifestyle. After her death, most of what people Tweeted or Updated on Facebook was “I loved her music”, “She should have gone to rehab”, “I saw it coming” and even “I am not surprised.”


It certainly outs another face to fame and fortune. It seems like it is a lonely road up and also a lonely road down. Nobody really cares to know how hard you worked or struggled to make your way up. But as soon as one becomes famous, that’s when “friends and fans” come out of nowhere.


This is probably when every move, every word, every outfit and relationship one has becomes scrutinized. This attests to the notion that media feeds on the negative simply because it sounds the sweetest.


Britney Spears


I hope that many have learned that fame and fortune is not everything. It is highly necessary for one to have a strong support unit such as family. This, I believe is what really helped Britney Spears out of her depression out of drug abuse. Her father especially was very helpful in the process of her recovery.



Her family was able to give her the support that even her “fans” could not give her. Family served as a hub of strength that she needed when all seemed dark and depressing. This is what every celebrity needs. On your roadway up the ladder of fame and fortune, do not leave behind those who really care for you and mirror the real you inside.

Lindsay Lohan


Many young celebrities have been in the limelight for drug abuse.


Lance Armstrong; Cyclist

Though it makes them more popular due to the dramatic arrests and family feuds that arise from all the speculation, it is their personal lives that suffer from all the scars as aftermath.


I hope that Amy’s tragic and forlorn bereavement will serve as a lesson to all- famous or ordinary- that what really matters is who you are when nobody else is watching. Always remain true to yourself and focus your attention on building your dreams and protecting your family as honourable as possible.


Live a life full of integrity and leave a great legacy behind.

Ask yourself, what will people remember you for when your lungs go bankrupt on life’s breath?


Take your time.


Say a Big NO!!! To Drug Abuse!


NO!!! To Drug Abuse.

Yours Trully,





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  1. Big up michelle,i love your perception o the whole thing plus the encouragement,ts nt bout fans o fame ts bout u n the importance family.RIP Amy Winehouse.


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