The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

Charms and Treasures

Two little girls sitting by the fishpond laugh as they play singing-games.

One reveals a pink jellybean she has stored for years in her pocket. It is her favorite jelly bean from the last packet her father bought. Before he passed-on.She hands it to her chum with tears trickling down her chubby cheeks. They give each other a warm bear hug. They stare at each other as they interlock their fingers and say, “Best Friends Forever!” They nod their heads as they smile and run around the park with their fingers still intertwined.

Two teenage boys waking home at night time.

The empty streets echo any sound. There are papers blowing in the midnight breeze. Cats are fighting in the garbage bins to secure a meal. They boys are attacked by gangsters and get brutally beaten. One of the boys gets knocked-out. The hoodlums disperse and the other boy carries his mate to the nearest hospital. On his hospital bed and with an intense gaze in his eye he stretches his hand to his comrade. They nod as they tightly grip their fists together suggesting, “Brothers For life!”

A man has finally sealed the multi-million business deal he has worked so hard for. It has taken him 10years to develop since he cleared college. He has been unemployed for the decade as he has been developing his ideas. Where did all the capital come from? He sold his car that his father gave him. He got several loans from his family members.

But what he treasures most is the sacrifice made by his college sweetheart. She had sold a pricy set of classic pearl earrings and necklace and a vintage white wedding dress so that he could get his capital. The precious items had been given to her by her late grandmother.

Tag your best friend

She believed in him so much that she sacrificed the jewels and dress. Unfortunately, they had long broken up when his ideas started sailing through and he got distracted by other ladies who had an eye on his future money. These ladies seemed more adventurous and sensual than his simple girlfriend who wanted to wait till marriage.

As he receives his award before so many great business gurus, associates, friends and family members, he feels unhappy. All his sacrifice means nothing before these people. No one really understands what this really means to him. No one but his college sweetheart.

Unfortunately, he does not know where she is or who she might already be with.

The idea of a Best Friend

I have realized that many-a-fellow usually take this title for granted. Do people really know what it means? Do they know that it takes to be a Best Friend? Do they know the responsibilities that come with it?

I don’t think so!

I think that this title is an extravagant one. Not just in terms of monetary investment but more like emotional, spiritual and yes, even physical.

Real Best Friend

I think that a Best friend is one who can wholly give you what others can give you, yet still give you that which no one else can do for you.

Does this make sense?

Well, look at this in this manner. It is all about sacrifice!

A Best Friend is someone who can give up everything they have just to show how much they love you. To a Best Friend, you are the best thing he/she has in his/her life.

A Best Friend can be someone you seriously interact with emotionally and even to a spiritual level.

You carry these people in your spirit without necessarily knowing it. They somehow always seem present even if they are far away. They seem so voiced even in their silence.

Does Sex matter?

In fulfilling what everyone else can give you but somehow give you what everyone else cannot, the issue of sex comes in.

Sex is a divine plan

I believe that it is more valuable to have a Best Friend of the opposite sex than he/she of the same sex. I think that this is even the original divine plan. There are things that a man cannot get from another man. Likewise, there are things a woman cannot get from another woman.

There is beauty in gender!

A friendship is an investment that should keep appreciating with time, experience, challenges and love. It reaches a point that a man or woman starts looking for a different kind of mate. One that he/she can spend the rest of his/her life with. One that he/she can have children with. One that can give them what other friends cannot give. One that can literally become part of his/her family and be bound forever. This is a Best Friend!

Moral of the story?

Looking back at the tale at the beginning, it is the same story split into three. This is to show that out of the people you meet in your life and call friends, there is always one who will stand out of the rest. For better or for worst!

The challenging part of it all is that it is quite the bitter pill that will make you better. Lots of hurt, lots of disappointments, lots of seasons of friends, but in the long-awaited end you will get to have your Best Friend by your side.

Hard times reveal your real friends

The man who got his business deal let’s call him Robert, was the same boy who was attacked by thugs and got hospitalized. His friend, call him Thomas, who rescued him soon found his real best friend in college and married her. Luckily, he met Lilly and he started a different kind of investment. One that may last a lifetime.

After all of the disappointments Lilly (Robert’s college sweetheart) faced in her life with the death of the father, Maria was there to support her. But, even if she gave away her favorite jelly bean to her friend Maria, as soon as she met Robert, all she could think of is, “How much more am I willing to give this man that I love?”

Of course she did not give in to him sexually as she was keeping herself pure till marriage. Robert found this so respectable of her. He knew she was the One.

How does the story end?

Robert made a speech and mentioned one of his greatest motivations as Lilly, but, she was not there. What did he do? He left his friends, family and business associates to look for the one who gave him the loudest applaud even before his project was half finished; Lilly. He took a late night bus to go to Lilly’s parent’s home. He found the old couple sitting on the front porch the next morning. He had a tough time talking to the father. Who wouldn’t?

Real love tops it all

The break-up had affected the family as she had sold precious family treasure for him. Luckily, after a sit-down with Lilly’s mother. He was not only able to know where Lilly was but he also got to know who had bought the family treasure from her. He went to buy the precious items at first and headed for the gift shop where Lilly worked. As soon as he entered the shop, Lilly stood still, tongue-tied and tears welled-up her eyes. At first, she could not stand his presence but the love she had for him overpowered all her resistance. She gave him a chance to say what he had to say.

Robert thought about all that he could tell Lilly. He had not planned for it at all. All that came out is, “Lilly, I love you! You are my family, you are my friend, you are my best business partner and I know that with you by my side for the rest of my life I will be the luckiest man alive if you just say yes! Lilly, will you be my wife?”

Lilly also got down on her knees when she saw an additional ring to the set her grandmother gave her and said a simple yet intense, “Yes!” It is quite obvious that her grandmother’s wedding dress was Lilly’s choice of gown.


Flip of the coin?

What if Lilly said no? What if he never found the precious jewels?

What if?

What if the parent never allowed him to meet her? What if she was married to another? What if his business deal did not go through? Would Robert have realized how much Lilly really meant to him? Well, the moral of the story is that one does not have to

wait till all crumbles and recovers to know who really matters. Once you find the one who makes you dare to think about forever, waste no time!

Have you found your real Best Friend?

Find them and Crown them!

Yours Truly,



Comments on: "Who exactly is your Best Friend?" (2)

  1. i think i found my best friend…have known her for 26 years!


  2. Hello love! I am happy you found your best friend 🙂 I hope you got my perspective. It was just an observation that led to my way of thinking on bestfriendship.
    Thank you for your feed!


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