The Uuuhs and Aaarghs of my life

Thank you dear reader!

Dear reader,

Hello to you!

This post is specially dedicated to you. I most certainly did not know that people would give me so much support.

I am humbled!

I started this blog so that I would not only be able to share life-experiences with you all but also to be the voice that speaks for you.

What I mean is that there are always those things that you experience and you would like to know if other people identify with but you are not sure if you should even talk about them.

This is what #diaryofayuma is all about.

This diary seeks to identify with your thoughts and experiences. Basically showing you that you are not alone. Also, with the posts, I hope that you will get entertained, informed, empowered and inspired to take positive action towards achieving common good especially in personal construct and society as a whole.

I know that I may have started out with a few clumsy errors here and there but I am sure that with time, I shall get better at it. I have not trained in writing for print and this is why I hope to discover this field with your help.

To those who keep motivating me to do better and to keep up with the great task I thank you for your kindness. To those who may not like the quality or quantity of my blog, worry not. With time you will like it. There is a first time for everything and I guess not everyone will appreciate the rough beginnings.

#diaryofayuma will get better in time!

Enjoy your reading


I plan to add a weekly profiler on people I would like you to meet and know about. I love this idea because I find people so beautiful on the inside and would like to share this inner beauty to so many. It could be you.

Also, I welcome your ideas, comments and ratings of the blog. If you would like me to express how I feel about a certain matter, feel free to express this via email:

Also, I plan to market your talents. I will soon showcase various stories of people who want to show their talent and even give you a taste of their products or services.

I will also be posting some quizzes or games and awarding the winners with various prizes.

I look forward to interacting more with you.


Yours Truly,






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